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Here at La BIO IDEA, we represent dedicated passionate producers of organic, Mediteranean, high quality products. Our organic products are produced on sunny Sicily and in other Mediterranean regions where tradition and craftsmanship are still the pride of the companies. Producing organic is a natural way of farming.

Our Italian heroes

We would like to put our Sicilian and Italian suppliers in the spotlights. Despite the complete lockdown and the many people affected by the Corona virus in Italy, la BIO IDEA is still supplied with pasta, tomatoes, beans and other necessary food. It is not easy to produce with the necessary precautions and often less staff.

The drivers who ensure that the products come back to us and our people in the warehouse work under difficult conditions. As a result, it may be that not all products can be delivered on time and are not in the store, we ask for your understanding.

We home workers give applause to our Italian heroes, the drivers and our warehouse employees. If you do not find products, or if you have other questions, please let us know!

The la BIO IDEA team

Our ketchup as the best in the test

Every week the editors of the Telegraaf examine a supermarket product. This time it was up to the panel members to taste, test and provide a variety of ketchup brand from lively descriptions.

Great news: the la BIO IDEA ketchup was the best in the test! Words like 'classic', 'nice and slow', 'slightly smoky' and 'nice and concentrated' are used to capture our ketchup in words.

Of course this does not come as a surprise to us. Our ketchup has been made in Sicily for years, from the best sun-ripened organic Italian tomatoes and ingredients, according to the authentic ketchup recipe.

Read the full test here.

Waiting for the red gold...

At the end of the summer the fields in some parts of Italy look green and red from plants, heavily filled with sun ripened tomatoes. In Lazio, the region in the middle of Italy, lies the factory between these colorful tomato fields where our organic tomato products are made. The clean air from the sea and the warming sun create juicy red organic tomatoes, also known as 'the red gold', ready for harvest!

In august most Italians are on vacation, except here in Lazio where the busy season starts getting the ripe tomatoes from the fields into the factory. Where everyone is eager to start selecting, washing, peeling, sieving to make the passata, peeled and chopped tomatoes. Like homemade quality and ready to put in bottles and cans or ready for delicious sauces and tomato concentrates.

Now, in the month October, we wait for the organic passata, the peeled and chopped tomatoes in cans, the sauces in jars and the concentrates, which are waiting in the dark storage to be labeled 'la BIO IDEA'. And in the cold winter? We warm ourselves with these organic tomato delicacies, and taste the sun as well as the love and passion of the people!

The la BIO IDEA reunion

In 1990 Poppe Braam started to export organic produce from Sicily to the Netherlands under the name la BIO TECA. Soon the name was replaced by la BIO IDEA to emphasize the IDEA of organic. The first truck was half full with organic pasta from the passionate pasta producer Angelo Barbagallo in Fiume Freddo. The news of the truck leaving to the Netherlands went through the village like wildfire. For some Sicilian mammas a change to provide their sons and wifes in the Netherlands from real Sicilian food di mamma. Because the Dutch food pot was hard to digest. The packages were received with full enthusiasm.

La BIO IDEA extended, there came more and more Sicilian and Italian products and gradually the trucks were full of Angelo Barbagallo’s pasta. Unfortunately there was no more room for the packages. But lately, to everyone’s surprise, there was again an extra package in the truck to the Netherlands.
Brigit, the wife of one of the sons, who was at the time spoiled by his Sicilian mamma Nuccia, visited Angelo Barbagallo. Memories were retrieved and of course for this one time Sicilian specialties, which did not fit into Brigit’s suitcase, were able to travel by truck to Barneveld. In the meantime the pasta from Angelo – la BIO IDEA, and many other Italian delicacies are not only available in the Netherlands but in stores all over Europe.
And for the Sicilian farmers and Angelo the beginning of the story is still fresh in their memory.

Winter recipe by Angelo Barbagallo

Spaghetti con cavulicedda La Bio Idea

“I was asked to share a winter recipe and I would like to tell you about something that came back to mind the other evening while eating a plate of spaghetti with ‘cavulicedda’ (a type of Mediterranean cabbage). For me it is the taste of happiness and of the discovery as a child.

During my childhood days, we used to spend the autumn at Nunziata in my grandparent’s country house. Breakfast always consisted of a slice of warm bread with homemade marmalade, made of the oranges from the orange trees in the garden and fresh milk – pasteurized by my mother – which formed a buttery film on top and was indeed delicious. Upon return from school, we would eat lunch together. I remember my father talking to my grandfather and discussing how to solve some problems at the pasta factory;  the same problems that today I myself must solve, but at the time they seemed so terribly boring. After eating our fruit, we were allowed to go out and play in the garden.

The afternoons were spent looking for adventures; my sister Nina and I used to go exploring in the chestnut woods down the deep narrow valley in search of adventures. We would pick the marrons from the husks fallen from the trees and pick the cyclamens that spontaneously grow in humid and hidden spots. We often found some mushrooms, which were absolutely forbidden to pick, and sometimes we saw a wild young hare searching for acorns. At sunset, we returned home happy and hungry bringing back the conquests achieved during the afternoon and with a story to tell at dinnertime. The dish that was frequently prepared for dinner was spaghetti with ‘cavulicedda’, a vegetable that grows spontaneously in our area, which had been freshly picked in the afternoon.

I remember that simple and genuine taste which was so extraordinary, just like the taste of my childhood that I wish to share with you. You will most likely replace the cavulicedda with a vegetable that spontaneously grows in your area, but this is exactly what is wonderful: good food marks the moments of our lives; different flavors for routes of different lives, but it is able to communicate the same splendid emotions to all of us.”

Angelo Barbagallo is the third generation of making our organic la BIO IDEA pasta in Sicily.

NEW: La BIO IDEA Gazpacho!



This summer, La BIO IDEA introduces a wonderful fresh addition to its Mediterranean range: gazpacho.

La BIO IDEA gazpacho is a delicious cold Spanish vegetable soup made with organic tomatoes, red peppers and cucumber. Straight from Spain and ripened under the warm Mediterranean sun.

The soup is ready to eat. Serve the soup chilled. If desired, add some diced pepper, a finely diced onion, croutons and/or chopped parsley and you have an easy tasty summer meal.

The world of wheat

Our Sicilian pastamaker Angelo Barbagallo regularly keeps us informed of the ups and downs in the wheat world.

Following the international conference in Bologna on "Wheat land races for healthy food systems", organized and funded by KAMUT, the farmers gave the following comments in Italian:

They say that because of the high entrance fees most farmers are excluded from participation which makes such a conference actually ridiculous. At the same time, there is a miracle in Sicily that shows the primal strength of the thousands of years old Sicilian wheat varieties such as Timilia and other typical Sicilian varieties.
The modern cultivated wheat in the area around Catania is too low this year to harvest due to the extreme drought.

The old wheat varieties are rooted much deeper and find the water in the deeper soil. In fact, this year the production of these old varieties is higher than ever. A remarkable phenomenon!

Not only do these old cereals grow without pesticides and herbicides on abandoned clean agricultural fields and leave a high quality cattle feed after the harvest for the cows grazing between the (higher) stems left behind. They also have a low gluten index which allows for better digestion of the products made from these grains (such as our la BIO IDEA Timilia Fusilli and Spaghetti) and provide work in abandoned areas.

There is also a natural DNA evolution created after centuries with dry Sicilian winters making these old primal cereals such exceptional performance under extreme conditions.
That is only the power of nature!

Old wheat varieties that are accessible to every farmer without patents and not as an exclusive product subject to speculation.

Fiume Freddo, Sicily, June 2018

La BIO IDEA on Dutch television!

Our Italian top chef Felice is the star in this item of Dutch television program "Blauw Bloed" about queen Maxima's visit to the Bio Beurs in Zwolle.

Click here to view the broadcast

Het item lasts from 8:27 to 12:12.

NEW: Passata in Tetra

In addition to the well-known La BIO IDEA passata in glass bottles, we now introduce this product in a convenient 500g tetra pack

Passata is the ideal base for tomato sauce or soup. The Italian word ‘passata’ basically means ‘sieved’. La BIO IDEA Passata contains sunripened tomatoes, grown in open fields and picked at their optimum ripeness.
After harvest, the tomatoes are taken immediately to La BIO IDEA’s factory to be sorted, sieved, sterilized and packed.

NEW: Black eyed beans




New in the well-known La BIO IDEA canned beans range: Black eyed beans. Black eyed beans are small, creamy-flavoured beans with a black ‘scar’ where they were joined to the pod.

They have a mild taste and are a perfect ingredient for casseroles,stews and soups.
Also delicious to be served cold as a salad garnished with herbs and extra virgin olive oil.  

Black eyed beans are high in protein and gluten free. Ready to eat and packed in BPA-free cans. 

NEW: La BIO IDEA 100% pure lemon juice!


La BIO IDEA lemon juice is made from 100% pure organic 
lemons. Not obtained from concentrate.
The organic lemons are harvested when they are perfectly ripe, which gives this juice the intense flavour and aroma of freshly squeezed lemons.
•     Gives extra flavour to all kinds of dishes: fish, salads, fruit. 
•     Delicious to give a fresh touch to refreshments and cocktails. 
•     A glass of lukewarm water with La BIO IDEA lemon juice 
in the morning will give your body the perfect boost for an energetic day
•     With the natural flavour of freshly squeezed lemons
•     Ready to use

New Pasta sauces!

To complement our successful range La BIO IDEA pasta sauces, we introduce 3 delicious new varieties. 
All made with the finest organic Italian tomatoes, sun-ripened in open fields. 

  • Pasta sauce Roasted Garlic. This sauce is made with organic garlic, roasted to bring out its sweetness. We combine these flavours with organic onions, Italian herbs and tomatoes sautéed in extra virgin olive oil for a sauce that will not only be loved by real garlic-fans.
  • Pasta sauce Mascarpone. This creamy sauce is a delicate combination of  Italian mascarpone cheese with organic sun-ripened tomatoes, red pepper, onions, herbs and cashew nuts.
  • Pasta sauce for Kids. Mild pasta sauce for children as well as their parents. Sun-ripened Italian tomatoes, combined with carrot puree and a drop of apple juice give this sauce a natural sweetness. No added beet or cane sugar. 

NEW: Piadine di spelta

La BIO IDEA piadine

We proudly present a new member of the La BIO IDEA range: a piadina wrap made from spelt flour. The piadina is the Italian alternative to the famous Mexican tortilla wrap. The ancient recipe for Piadine originally comes from the North of Italy. Nowadays this delicious flatbread is popular throughout all Italian regions. They are sold everywhere in special Piadine-bars. Piadine are delicious to be eaten cold, topped with cheese and ham. But they are also perfect to be used as wraps, filled with hot or cold ingredients. For more information: click here.

NEW: Timilia pasta

La BIO IDEA timilia pastaAncient grains are forgotten varieties which have never been genetically modified by man. Therefore they have managed to keep their original nutritional values and taste.

Timilia (or Tumminia) is a very special ancient grain which is famous for its lower gluten content and easy digestibility. Timilia grain is recognisable by its dark coloured spikes.

Timilia is one of the oldest grain varieties which is currently only cultivated in Sicily. Ever since Roman times Sicily is considered the granary of Italy. At that time Timilia was still a widely grown crop all over Italy. However, with the emergence of new, more profitable wheats the cultivation of Timilia was largely abandoned. Therefore it was at risk of extinction. Only a few Sicilian farmers saw the importance of this variety and continued to grow Timilia despite the relative fragility of this crop. This way they made an significant contribution to the protection of the Sicilian biodiversity.

Timilia deserves to be rediscovered, not only because of its exceptional nutritional qualities but also because of its excellent taste. That was the reason for Angelo Barbagallo, our Sicilian pasta maker, to start making pasta from 100% organic whole Timilia flour. The grain for the pasta is stone milled to preserve nutritional values. Angelo gently kneads the special gray-coloured flour into dough for the pasta. The pasta is slowly formed by using bronze dies. Also the drying is done slowly at low temperatures. The Timilia fusilli that is produced this way is fragrant, full of flavour, nutritious and easy to digest.

New: Lime plus

With warm summer days  to come, La BIO IDEA provides a fresh touch! La BIO IDEA Lime Plus combines the juice of Mexican organic limes with the essential oil from the lime zest and pure spring water. Delicious to give freshness to your exotic dishes, fish, meat, desserts and fruit. Lime Plus is also the best alternative for fresh lime in cocktails and drinks. Just add a tiny bit to your plain drinking water and you will have the perfect refreshment on a warm day.

La BIO IDEA lime plus

Recipe: Soup of white bean, leek and bacon

light lunch meal

Maybe pulses are not the first thing you think of when preparing lunch on a hot summers' day. Pity, because with pulses you can actually prepare tasty, light and healthy meals. Pulses are everybody's friend; very suitable for usage in cold and hot meals, low in fat and containing slow acting carbohydrates and many fibres for a long lasting digestion. Moreover, pulses are very convenient to use. La BIO IDEA has a wide assortment of ready-to-eat organic pulses, beans and lentils in can. Thanks to solely adding water and a hint of salt, La BIO IDEA's product are pure and natural. 

Read more

If you save some space in your closet for this product, you can prepare a nice meal any moment you like. How about this soup with delicious small white cannelini beans from Italy, with leek and a little bit of smoked bacon and LA BIO IDEA's green pesto Genovese. If you don't like meat, then replace the bacon with crumbled feta cheese for a healthy vegetarian meal.


4 persons

Virgin olive oil, La BIO IDEA

125 gram organic bacon cubes vegetarian alternative: 125 gram crumbled feta, to be sparkled over the soup during serving.

1 big onion or 2 small ones

1 clove of garlic, chopped

1 leek +/- 450 gram in rings

2 potatoes, shelled and cut into cubes

1 big carrot of +/- 150g, sliced

½ sweet/sour apple, shelled and cut into cubes

1 can of small white cannellini beans (400 gram) La BIO IDEA

2 laurel leafs

1 liter bouillon

3 spoons of Pesto Genovese, La BIO IDEA

2 spoons of chopped parsley 

Salt and pepper

* Heat up the olive oil in a deep casserole. Gently fry the bacon toghether with onion and garlic for 10 minutes on low fire.

* Add the leek, potato, carrot and apple and fry along for 5 minutes, while stirring. Add pepper and salt.

* Add half of the can of beans (including the brine), the laurel leafs and the bouillon and make it boil gently for 45-60 minutes, the lid covering the casserole.

* Remove the laurel leafs and blend the soup coarsely with a blender

* Add the pesto and the remaining beans and brine and stir firmly. Add some pepper. (no salt, because the bacon, bouillon and pesto already contain salt)

* You can garnish the soup with the parsley (and feta if you chose the vegetarian variety of this soup)

buon appetito!

New: Gluten free pulsespasta

La BIO IDEA proudly presents you an alternative for our Sicilian pasta made of durum wheat: pasta made of pulses: Lentils and Chickpeas & Corn. Our producer is situated in Northern Italy and has a wide experience with the production of high quality pasta. The new pasta's are naturally gluten free, organic and rich in fibre and protein. Soon available in your organic health food store!

More info will be available soon on our product page.

La BIO IDEA pasta of pulses




La BIO IDEA Chickpeas are number 1

La BIO IDEA chick peas
According to Dutch newspaper "De Volkskrant", La BIO IDEA organic chickpeas are the best chickpeas available in The Netherlands. In the test section, a panel of urban chefs tasted 9 different brands of chickpeas. The first place was for La BIO IDEA. If you can read Dutch, click on this link in order to read the full article. Our La BIO IDEA chickpeas are available in most organic shops in Europe.

All our packaging BPA free!

Good news about our bean and tomatoes. Since new crop production, the packaging of these products, such as cans and caps of glass jars and bottles are free of BPA. BPA is a substance which is regularly used in product packaging to ensure product quality and lifetime. However, this subastance has been contentious for the last couple of years, because of bad effects for health. To avoid any health risk, the producers of La BIO IDEA decides to pack all products exclusively into packaging which is free of BPA. Between the moment of production and sales in shops can be a couple of months, so it can be possible that one or two products are still available in packaging with BPA. 

Bye bye, bean!

Amaizin beans

Three of our succesful bean products will become part of a new family soon. Our close organic friends from Amaizin will adopt the three not-Italian beans in our La BIO IDEA assortment. It's concerning the La BIO IDEA Baked beans, Black beans and the Aduki beans. Bye bye, bean! Visit for more information!


New recipe for balsamico crema

At La BIO IDEA we always strive to offer the purest, best tasting organic Italian products. Therefore we have decided to replace our current La BIO IDEA crema, which contains some sugar, with a new recipe without any added sugar and with a superbe taste.
Our new crema is produced by the Lorenzi family, also responsible for our delicious balsamico vinegars, using only organic ingredients that come from their own land.The thick syrup, made with Balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP, is delicious on salads, carpaccio, meat, vegetables, desserts or just dipping your bread in…. Once you have tasted it, you can not stop eating!


Italian rice in new packaging!

We have decided to introduce a more environmental friendly packaging for our La BIO IDEA Italian Carnaroli (perfect for risotto) and Originario (perfect for every day) rices.

As from February 2016 we will pack these rices in compostable foil with compostable labels. Of course the good quality and taste of these products will remain the same!

New: Orzo

Orzo (also known as Risoni) is a tiny, dried shape of pasta looking like rice grains. According to the Italians, the grains look like barley. For this reason the product is called Orzo, which means barley in Italian. This is a well known pasta variety in most countries arround the Mediterranean Sea. In Israel it is known as 'ptim', in Greece they call it 'kritharáki' and in Turkey 'arpa ┼čehriye'. Also in Arabia the product is well known.
La Bio Idea Orzo
On Sicily, origin of La BIO IDEA Orzo, people use the product in soup. But there are many more ways to prepare Orzo. For example as a pasta with a richt tomato sauce or pesto. Or as pilav with grilled vegetables. But above all, this product is very suitable to use for a quick risotto, called orzotto. 

To the product page >>


New recipe La BIO IDEA wine vinegars

Good news for people with allergies! We have improved the recipe of our wine vinegars; They are now without any sulphites!

New design La BIO IDEA Balsamic Vinegar and Condimento Bianco!

Our La BIO IDEA balsamic vinegar and condimento bianco are produced according to old tradition by a small family company in Modena , Italy. The balsamic vinegar is aged in oak barrels for at least 5 years, which gives it an extraordinary delicate, sweet taste. These products have a fresh, new look!

Recent introduction: La BIO IDEA Tagliolini

Recently we have introduced a new variety of egg pasta: La BIO IDEA Tagliolini, a very thin ribbon-shaped egg pasta. This classic noodle from the Emilia-Romagna region is not only delicious in Italian dishes. Did you know Tagliolini is also a perfect base for many Asian dishes? The ingredients and production method are similar to the traditional Chinese thin wheat noodles, which gives you endless possibilities to experiment


Meet our farmers

Get to know our Italian producers & learn more about the story behind our organic products!


100% organic!

Our organic farmers cultivate products naturally, without artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides & our organic certified products are also processed naturally, without chemical treatments and additives. More info: visit


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