Piadine di spelta (4pc)

Piadine di spelta (4pc)

We proudly present a new member of the La BIO IDEA range: a piadina wrap made from spelt flour. The piadina is the Italian alternative to the famous Mexican tortilla wrap. The ancient recipe for Piadine originally comes from the North of Italy. Nowadays this delicious flatbread is popular throughout all Italian regions. They are sold everywhere in special Piadine-bars. Piadine are delicious to be eaten cold, topped with cheese and ham. But they are also perfect to be used as wraps, filled with hot or cold ingredients.


Spelt flour* (46,5%), water, sunflower oil*, salt, natural flavour.

* Organic Farming


Warm up on a hotplate or nonstick frying pan, 1 minute each side. Fill as you like.

Average nutritional values per 100 g

Energy1272 KJ / 303 kcal
   of which saturates0,56g
   of which sugars0,54g

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